Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome to the C of C

Welcome to the College of Crime. Here, you'll find lovers of crime narratives -- mainly books, but movies, too. Whether you're a published author or an aspiring one, whether you've dreamed about writing a novel or you're content to be a serious reader who likes reading about the process of writing and discussing narratives, this is the blog for you. The College of Crime will strive to be a spot for intelligent people with high-minded ideas about what crime fiction can be; a spot for critical analysis of books and of technique; a place for advice and constructive criticism. The College of Crime's tenets are based on respect for readers and writers, their challenges and satisfactions. This will not be so much a place for information on the publishing industry or for marketing ideas as it will be one for learning, from each other, how to tell memorable stories, stories that rivet, stories that entertain, and teaching ourselves how to read deeply.

My name is Ian Vasquez. I'm a lifelong reader, a newspaper copy editor, and a novelist. My two books are In the Heat (2008) and Lonesome Point (2009), and for our purposes, they'll serve as a sort of proof of my credentials. Read them when you get a chance. I'd appreciate that, but if they don't sound like stories that might be to your liking, no worries. There are so many fine novels out on the market by so many fine writers, that we'll never run out of books to discuss. And we will get around to talking about our favorite novels in due time, I promise. So this blog will also be a place for recommendations and inspiration. A place to learn from each other, and to relish in Story. Sit back and let's enjoy each other's company. College begins when I post again.

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